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Fujifilm and the Philosophy of Kaizen


As many of you probably already know, Fujifilm just released the last Kaizen firmware update for the X-T2.

But what does Kaizen mean?

Kaizen is a Japanese business term used to denote a philosophy of constant improvement. The word Kaizen itself is formed by two kanji: “Kai” for “Change” and “Zen” for “Good” and it literally means “Change Good” or “Improvement”.

This philosophy began to take hold right after World War II, when several Japanese companies started adopting it in the hope to increase their productivity. It combines the talent of each individual worker within the company, regardless of his level, to create a powerful engine for an incessant improvement.

Among all camera companies, Fujifilm is certainly the one embracing Kaizen the most. They seem, though, to have chosen a slightly different approach.

Instead of just relying on their employees in order to find new ways to improve their products (as it would normally happen in a company using Kaizen), Fujifilm decided to listen to their user’s community as well.

One of the ways in which Fujifilm has been able to treasure these informations has been by releasing several “Kaizen” firmware updates for their cameras over the course of the years.

These firmware updates, made available for free by Fujifilm, widely improve the functionalities of cameras that are already on the market, making them newer and more suited to the changing needs of its existing users.

Now, it’s worth noting that the concept of Kaizen doesn’t apply just to bad or wrong things that need to be fixed but also to things which are already good but can, however, be better.

And that’s exactly what Fujifilm is doing, taking these already pretty good cameras and making them even better.

Fujifilm is putting together what are the features from new cameras as well as the needs and requirements of their customers and combining them to create these firmware updates like no other brand is doing. And it is exactly here that the spirit of Kaizen stands, making of Fujifilm one of the best camera companies to invest in today. 

So, here is what Kaizen is and how Fujifilm is using it to always create better and better products. But can Kaizen just be used by big companies like Fujifilm? Of course not.

If you are a photographer or a creative in general, approaching this philosophy could help you improve both your business and your personal life.

Find ways to make you work more efficient, listen to criticisms, find out what is not working well and try to improve it. And if your life will get even just a little better, it will mean it's worth it.

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