MindShift Filter Hive Mini Review - More than just a filter case


Yes, you read well. It's MindShift, it's a Filter Hive and it's MINI!

The guys at MindShift Gear were kind enough to send me this bag to review on the blog and to give me the opportunity to help you decide which one is the right filter case for your needs.

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If you use circular filters, just know that MindShift offers two other options for you: the Filter Nest and the Filter Nest Mini.

All the filter cases have a similar design and share the same constructive quality, so, keep in mind, that most of the information you will find in my reviews can also be applied to the Filter Nest series.

Anyway, let’s not waste any more time and have a look at this fantastic bag!

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As you can see, the design is fairly simple.

The MindShift Filter Hive Mini is a filter case capable to hold up to four 4x6” (100x150 mm) or 4x4” (100x100 mm) filters.

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It presents colour coded inserts on the inside, to help you recognise your filters.

As for the Mindshift Filter Hive (read my review here), I really enjoy the horizontal layout. I find it makes to grab my filters, especially the squared ones, much easier if compared to the, more traditional, vertical layout of most filter bags.

On the outside, a flap cover protects your filters from dust and rain and prevents them from falling out.

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On the back, a small handle helps you carry the case around and also allows you to securely attach it to your tripod.

Anyway, as you can imagine, the real strength of the MindShift Filter Hive Mini resides on its being, well, mini.

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Despite its small size (less than half the bigger model) it allows you to bring a good number of filters.

Of course, from time to time, you may need to compromise a little. You won't have any space for accessories and I wouldn't really store my filter holder in it, BUT, as I will explain better later, I really think the MindShift Filter Hive Mini gives its best when used in conjunction with other filter cases.

In conclusion, even if simple, I find the design of this bag to work perfectly.

I still would love to see a fifth model in the MindShift filter case lineup, something in between the Filter Hive and the Filter Hive Mini, a slightly slimmer Filter Hive for the ones who don't always use circular filters, like me.

But for now, if you need a small, clever filter case, the Filter Hive Mini is definitely the right choice for you.

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Constructive quality

As for every MindShift product I've ever had, the constructive quality is just flawless.

The exterior fabrics are extremely durable and water-repellent. The inner materials are soft and will keep your expensive filters nice and safe, also thanks to the semi-rigid structure of the case, that will prevent them from being bent or broken inside your camera bag.

Really, not that much to say in here. Impressive. 

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In use

I’ve owned and used this case for about two months now, and what I’ve learned is that, apart from being a pretty good compact solution as a main filter case, it can also have a lot of different unexpected applications.

First of all, for about £24 it’s not an expensive product, especially for what it offers. This means you may want to have more than one of these. Why? Well, maybe you want to have all your graduated filters in one bag and all your neutral density ones in another, right? Maybe you just want to buy a second one because now you have more than four filters. Maybe you already have your Filter Hive with your six most used filters in it but you don’t want to leave the other ones at home because, you know, what if you need them? And this is when your MindShift Filter Hive Mini really comes in handy.

These are just a few examples of how you can use this filter case, and I could go on, but, seriously, you won’t realize how much you actually need a bag like this unless you will get one. So, make yourself a favor, and go for it. You will be surprised. 

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In conclusion, whether you are searching for a compact filter case, for an extension of your existing one or for a case to securely hold your spare filters, get yourself a MindShift Filter Hive Mini. You won’t regret it.

If you want to know more about this or other MindShift Gear products you can find a link to their website clicking on the logo below.

Thank you for reading this review, feel free to share and I will see you soon on the next article. 

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